29 August 2012

An award…

Ok, short and sweet…we won an award!

Ok, short and sweet…we won an award!

We won a Global CSS Design Award for our own website. This was a proud moment in the office as we were up against some other global agencies and some really beautiful websites.

On another note we have been working hard on the 2nd phase of the successful TreatTicket app. The 1st phase of the app went live back in July and has been a great success for the company, lots of downloads and lots of Treats purchased. The second phase is a huge update and completely revolutionises shopping with TreatTicket. I would love to tell you more but I can’t so you will all have to download the new version once it becomes available.

The long awaited social media platform we have designed and developed, Knock4, will be coming to market shortly and we promise this will be a fun new way to connect with people and their interests. I will be posting the go live date on our Twitter feed and Facebook, so stay tuned.

I am off to polish the trophy!

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