30 August 2013

Bowie: Time may change me…

We thought now would be a good opportunity to share an update on our ongoing story with our supportive clients and friends of Gravity.

We thought now would be a good opportunity to share an update on our ongoing story with our supportive clients and friends of Gravity.

We have come a long way since our formation and in this industry change is both inevitable and essential. Our team has grown, necessitating a move to a bigger office in Belfast and the launch of our London office all while continuing to work with some great clients. We have grown rapidly and we are constantly surprised by the great projects we’re working on and the level of technology we now produce. This industry does not sit still and we are constantly evolving to keep pace.

A major change has been in the work that we produce for our clients. More and more we are working at an enterprise level, offering greater integration across desktop, mobile and tablet platforms. The digital products we now produce instigate change in how businesses operate through the use of technology and data. Together with the client we’re building products that allow them to work more efficiently and engage better with their users. Recently prospective clients were confused by the image our old website portrayed; while we do offer many of the services of a digital agency, that is only a small proportion of our offering and ability.

Our new identity reflects this change. Our old brand served us well but we felt it time for the whimsical and hand crafted nature of our identity to depart to make way for a cleaner, bolder, more confident approach to arrive. We’ve grown up a little and its time to present our offering in a new light. While our previous website showed an overview of the work, we didnt present any great detail. Although it was well received (it even won us an award) it reflected more of a creative digital agency and not the enterprise space that we are now operating in more and more.

We still offer the same great services as before but our offering is growing and evolving with a changing market. The new website focuses on bringing the work front and centre while presenting high level case studies of each project detailing the scope, content and some of the challenges we had to overcome for the client. Theres lots more in the pipeline so we hope to be updating www.creategravity.com more regularly. If you see anything of interest please do get in touch or pop in for a coffee.

Everyday is different and we relish a new challenge, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support which has put us on this fantastic journey.

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