The fundamental
principles of Gravity
(or how it all started)

Change is essential. Change is inevitable. Change is inescapable. Our initial branding reflected this. From humble beginnings we have evolved and refined our offering to promote positive change within the digital industry. The one thing that won't change about us is that we won't stand still.

Our industry is one in constant flux and we continue to evolve and flow with it. Our formation is a little unusual, we are part design agency, part web development, built on a bedrock of software engineering. We operate a co-creative approach where designers, developers and engineers all collaborate to create the best possible products. Initially our focus was web and software engineered back end systems but very early on we identified the trend and explosion in mobile consumption.

Rather than a sea-change this represented a fundamental shift in how we think about building experiences. This embracing of and planning for the future resulted in a move to MVC and a more Agile approach, also an abandoning of flash for html5 and fully native app development. Our theory on app development is a little unorthodox. At a very early stage we decided that focusing on iOS was shortsighted. Our approach is to give equal importance to Android and iOS. Rather than approaching an app as a standalone entity we view it as a mobile touchpoint for a brand. As a result of this, content remains king and data is power. The products we help design today need to drive ROI. We take a strategic approach in managing content as an asset with a quantifiable ROI, while incorporating a seamless user experience.

Simplicity and ease-of-use are core to help manage and harness content. We scale from off-the-shelf solutions to enterprise-level custom configured systems.

To paraphrase Apple "Is there an App for that?" our principle is more about "Is there an API for that?", and if not, we'll simply create one.

Gravity help brands succeed in the digital age. We help evolve their message to target audiences to further enhance user engagement. Technology is evolving at a rapid rate in a transforming marketplace and together with our clients, we strive to uncover new ways of working to challenge industry standards. We approach all engagements with a bias towards UI aesthetics and either integration with existing or building new digital products.

We are constantly evolving and now have a presence in both London and Belfast. This website (version 3.0) focuses more on what we do and how we work at a project level. This is a deliberate change of positioning to help clients (and applicants, we're growing and we want to attract the very best talent) understand who we are and what we do.

We are Gravity.

Gravity is a company made up of smart people who believe in what we do. It’s as simple as that. Passion for what we do and create unite us. We are an agile and growing team.