Smart City enabled iOS and Android App to integrate with local municipal services

A multi platform citizen empowerment mobile app to integrate directly with local government management software platforms.

Gravity were commissioned to design and build a service to encourage citizen engagement and provide a positive impact on the community while making people more aware of their environment. The idea behind the app was to deliver an aspect of the vision for the future "smart city" concept.

A requirement that the application would work on most smartphone devices, it was decided to develop both iPhone and Android versions. As the app was to be utilised by local government citizens in America, Android was deemed essential as it holds a greater percentage of the smartphone market.

Dynamic App built on the fly
using the Open 311 protocol

Planning of the system architecture identified that the app would need to be compliant with Open 311 standards, a data standard for civic reporting. Linked to a centralised reporting system, the app allows members of the public to report issues that were affecting them while ensuring that the time required to both report the issues and to properly allocate resources is timely and efficient. As the app is fully dynamic XML loaded, local government administration can determine what data choices are shown to the user, such as faulty street lamps, graffiti, abandoned vehicle, etc

A significant feature of the app is the reporting tools, these allow users to create reports and send them at a time or place that is convenient to them, ensuring that the report and it’s associated photos can be uploaded with a minimum of fuss. The user reporting section is dynamically generated according to administration requirements ensuring local government authorities can control what type of data the user can enter.

With this product Citizens are enabled to contribute to reporting flaws giving them a greater stake in the community while increasing municipal efficiency.

Key to promoting awareness, the Anaeko App engages the user as a citizen to encourage connection to the surrounding area. Connecting the citizen with the city municipal services adding real value and social awareness. The app also features geo-located map systems so that users can accurately pinpoint the issues with precision not available with other methods, reducing any search time to a minimum.

Harnessing the power of data and allowing citizens to interact with their local government and take social pride in their city, the app has been a triumphant success with deployment across many American states.