Robust Enterprise Web Application for Time Management

A secure time management web app for mobile, tablet and desktop with full integration into a back-end financial software package.

Edina manufactures large scale power generators and provides coverage of the UK, Ireland and Europe for the full spectrum of services demanded by an ever increasing and diversifying power supply industry.

Edina employs a maintenance workforce whom are field based, maintaining and servicing client generators. This workforce was using a paper based method for recording time sheets and vehicle maintenance reporting. In order to streamline this process and ultimately reduce administration time, Edina sought the services of Gravity to develop a fully integrated Web app. Requirements stated that the web app was accessible across mobile, tablet and desktop and for full integration into a back-end financial software package.

Built using a responsive framework, this allows the web application to be accessible via mobile, tablet and desktop. Development of an API ensures seamless communication between the client’s financial package and our developed web application.

“Gravity have a vast array of skills and they are not afraid to take on a challenge. Their experience and know how has helped us to cut costs and improve efficiency and make use of today’s latest technologies.”

Neil Rutherford, Group IT Manager, Edina

The user interface consideration centred around maintenance engineers out on the field and for ease of use from their chosen device. The interface is clutter free with large touch points and data entry fields for ease of completion on a mobile or tablet device. We ensured that the maintenance engineer had to take the least number of steps possible in order to submit a time-sheet by creating well structured data entry forms. The desktop version of the user interface responds accordingly but again with a core focus on allowing administrators to process submissions quickly and efficiently thus reducing costs.

We developed an API for communication between the financial package and the web app. Once developed this allowed for seamless approval and transactional payment of maintenance engineers time-sheets as well as client invoicing for the maintenance. We chose to build using .NET technologies for robustness and utilising a responsive framework for optimised viewing across a multitude of digital devices. For speed and efficiency the system integrates with the Edina Active Directory allowing for seamless login authentication for the engineer.

This product has allowed Edina to reduce administration time. Validation of time-sheets, vehicle checks and processing of payments now occur more efficiently and more accurately.