iOS & Android loyalty app supported by cloud based enterprise management platform

Hive is an iOS and Android app that digitises traditional paper loyalty cards and also allows merchants to be completely in control of the cards they publish, see how they are performing while increasing brand engagement.

Our client approached us with a very high level concept of wanting to combine all loyalty cards in one easy to use app. Although many loyalty schemes are already available they are usually in the remit of larger high street retailers or multi nationals. As part of the discovery and consultation phase of the project we established that often users carried multiple, partially filled cards for many different merchants. The system combined the power of loyalty and built on a key feature of building community where individual merchants could become ‘stronger together’. The consultancy phase was over a 4 week duration and encompassed all members of the team scoping system architecture, user interface design and engineering. Upon completion, a document was created that formed the backbone of the project going forward and detailed technical requirements, user case stories along with wireframes for the apps and cloud based management platform.

The next area of focus was the overall user experience for the platform. The user case stories and the end requirements for the project from the consultancy helped assist with this. From the outset the system needed to be easily used by the consumer, easily managed by the merchants and easily maintained by Hive staff. These three individual areas of user experience consisted of; iOS and Android mobile apps, Merchant dashboard and Hive Admin dashboard. The apps were to be engaging and encouraging for users to adopt. The merchant dashboard was to be flexible enough to cope with being used by a sole trader, a multiple site chain or franchise and also to be flexible and fast enough to be used by a taxi firm with multiple drivers. Finally the Hive dashboard to be used by admin staff was to be robust and allow for future growth of the business while allowing for management of the existing business processes. Key to all three was to have a user experience that was consistent across all and result in a cohesive brand experience as well.

The careful consideration of user experience resulted in a consumer facing app that allows the users to easily register or login via Facebook to access the app. The transfer of login data is managed via a secure connection between the app and cloud based platform. Once accessed, the user can quickly add loyalty cards from a range of merchants to their “My Cards” section of the app. The user has the ability to search for merchants via a free text input or a selection of categories. Once a loyalty card is added, the user quite simply scans a QR code on a point of sale item at that particular merchant in order to redeem their stamp. Once a card is complete the user can claim their reward. A very compact and limited number of screens ensures that the user can quickly and efficiently use the app.

Continuing with an efficient, fluid user experience from the app, we approached the cloud based merchant platform in the same manner. A clean and logical approach was brought to the user interface design to ensure merchants could enrol easily. Merchants sign up online through the secure payment gateway and get enrolled onto a monthly subscription which enables their business to offer Hive to their customers. Once completed they have access to the dashboard were they have the ability to monitor usage stats and adjust offers and rewards for their loyalty card allowing them to compete in the market. The technology used allows merchants to control the frequency of stamps and redeems to prevent abuse or misuse. The platform while rewarding repeat cust om also allows merchants the opportunity to additionally reward frequent usage with time related special accumulator offers. Merchants also have the ability to manage and generate specific QR codes for the consumer app redemption scan.

Core to the project was the business objectives and thus deemed the requirements for the Hive dashboard used by Hive staff. Hive staff are recognised by their login credentials and are presented with a similar dashboard as merchants though with enhanced functionality. Hive staff can manage merchant accounts, lock out users of the app and merchant dashboard along with viewing reports on merchant and app usage. Hive staff also have the ability to manage the content displayed on the marketing website that promotes the app to consumers and to businesses.

Gravity designed and engineered an engaging, robust platform for a newly established digital business that allows for future growth and adoption.