iPad Health & Safety reporting app with cloud based web management & storage platform.

Small World Inspections is an Enterprise Mobility platform for play park health and safety inspection reporting and risk assessments. It allows for a reduction in admin, increased efficiency and improved productivity by transforming a traditional paper based method.

Our client whom has many years experience in the playground industry provides health and safety inspections on new and existing playgrounds. These services advise and specify working standards for equipment ensuring regulation is met. Working throughout the UK and Ireland with clients at all levels from Local Authority Councils, Schools, Nurseries and Private companies this process involves specific onsite visits and substantial travel for reporters on the road. The client wished to investigate how Enterprise Mobility could transform their working process, reduce admin levels, speed up reporting to the relevant authorities and the removal of paper based report templates.

Embarking on the project we carried out a 6 week discovery phase. We investigated the existing paper based method which was currently carried out onsite and then typed up into a Word Document template by administrators back in the office before being sent to their relevant client. Once we had a full understanding of our clients workflows and the data capture that was required, we then conducted a play park site visit. This allowed us to gain further insight into the clients working methodology thus ensuring we had a full end to end experience of the current process and to confirm our findings or identify any issues we may have been unaware of. Once we identified the replication in tasks and inefficiencies we sought to improve these by utilising our knowledge and experience in developing mobility platforms.

Efficiemt Data Collection


A Gravity project team of system architects and user experience designers worked on the production of a consultancy document based on our findings. The document detailed the technical elements of the system architecture that were to be developed along with user journey wireframes that sought not only to make the user experience intuitive but effectively speed up the time to complete a report. This document was a definitive roadmap for development of the platform.

Although the technical delivery of the platform was key, the user experience of completing a report was a major element. The objective was to take the traditional paper based report and look at how this could be digitised for a tablet application. Multiple levels of reports from a vigorous post and annual follow up, backed up by investigative quarterly audits and weekly or daily monitoring reports were all to feature on the tablet app. Consideration had to be given to whom was completing the report, what type of report it was and it was also imperative that the data capture may be required legally if a case of a child injury was to arise. At the highest level the report is carried out by a certified auditor while the lower level reports possibly could be carried out by a council employee visiting the site.

Reports are thus tailored depending on the occasion and the reporter, so the proposed user experience needed to be agile enough to work for all levels of users. To address this we tiered the app for all users and only expose relevant data capture on the user interface. We designed an accordion system which only exposes investigative questions and remedial actions required when issues are identified.

Efficiemt Data Collection


The workflows are all based on the BS EN1176 standards and some of these workflows in a worst case scenario where all risks are present could go into thousands of questions so the development of the accordion system was instrumental in helping to speed up the reporting process for the user. Another element to improve workflow efficiency is that our user interface designates that all equipment is correct and compliant until identified and then the user follows a pathway of relevant questions and risk assessment elements.

To allow for the development of this intuitive interface and other features of the entire platform, consideration was then given to the technology. With anything we develop, we ensure that the platform is scalable for future expansion, robust, secure and well supported. This project was no different and the cloud based web management platform is built using MVC and communicates with the app via WCF web services utilising SSL to ensure data transfer to the cloud storage is secure and encrypted.



Allows for user to instantly see reports to do & sync.

In App


User specific messages within the app highlighting admin requests & priorities

Risk level


A visual UI element for ease of risk assessment reporting.

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Efficiemt Data Collection


Along with data transfer being secure we also manage user accounts securely in the cloud with password encryption. Due to the extensive number of visual workflow items which could total thousands within each report, the iPad app was built using native technology to allow for better device memory management and optimisations. The app is extremely robust and responsive for end user performance thus minimising downtime. Database architecture is powered by SQL server which is a mature and well supported relational database environment.

The platform is extremely extensive and there are many key features that were developed. One key feature in particular is the ability to be able to complete a report offline without a data connection. Along with this offline ability automatic saving of partially completed or completed reports rounds of this area of functionality and ensures the user does not have to be concerned by mobile signal.

Features of the Platform

Our approach to the design and development has resulted in an Enterprise Mobility product that is tailored for our clients exact reporting requirements. It has enabled our client to complete play park inspection reports with reduced errors and more efficiently due to the intuitive interface. The secure transfer of data from the completed reports on the app to the cloud based web management and ability to view in a branded PDF format has resulted in faster delivery times to the relevant authorities. Administration has reduced due to the replication of tasks being made redundant such as the typing up and filing of paper based reports. A key metric has been increased productivity in general as more inspections can be managed by the company and allocated more effectively to key resources for completion onsite.

Gravity delivered a robust real time reporting tool that adheres to multiple complex structured workflows while being agile enough to allow users to perform adhoc reporting and risk assessments.