Our team of creative &
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Tablets. Laptops. Phones. Secondary to the purpose. Our process begins by thoroughly understanding both your business and project objectives. We ask questions, we listen and take the time to identify what you are all about. Only then do we consider implementation.

What We Do


We operate a co-creative approach. Our process discovers, evaluates and refines your exact requirements. Guidance on suitable technology and implementation options will ensure the correct foundation for creating a viable and valuable result/product.


Discovery will consider the right platform choices and may include mobile, tablet or desktop applications or a combined approach incorporating all. Conceptual prototyping, system architecture planning, appropriate security processes and importantly a reflection of your brand will also form part of the strategy.


Data forms the core principle behind any product or service we may create or you. Gravity can utilise your data to empower your business and end users, we call it intelligent data. Through our knowledge of creating many API’s and utilising Cloud services, we can deliver data to mobile, tablet or desktop. Utilising existing Data can transform businesses, operational procedures or marketing engagement strategies.


Gravity is constantly striving to be forward thinking and creative on each project that we embark on. As an award winning company we pride ourselves on this. Each project is viewed individually with an emphasis on creating intuitive user interfaces and intelligent user journeys all while solidifying and refining the brand position of your business. Our studio is a collaborative environment were our designers, developers and software engineers work together to constantly push the boundaries and achieve the best result for your business but also creating a product or service that works for the end user.


Gravity is structured around a team of developers and software engineers who provide a unique skill-set in creating digital products comprising web, software and apps. We have a passion for Native App development for iOS & Android, whether it is consumer facing or an Enterprise requirement to help a business become more efficient. The passion does not stop at mobile but encompasses developing back-end management systems, database creation and web or desktop applications. We match your requirements to the right technology.

Data Implementation:

Many organisations have portals that house data but are unsure how to utilise this data for the mobile generation. Our experience in creating scripts for Oracle or Salesforce allows us to extract and manage your data and allowing your business to have an integrated approach. We dont sell off-the-shelf soultions we match technology with your requirements and data to provide seamless delivery.

Evaluate, Deploy and launch:

Gravity will undertake all deployment requirements and can grant access to a client for viewing on our installation system periodically so that you can see how your digital product performs. Testing and quality assurance is of utmost importance to any digital creation. We follow strict procedures on testing and bug tracking during this phase. Testing is performed to verify that the completed project functions according to the expectations defined by the requirements/specifications. The overall objective is to not to find every bug that exists, but to uncover situations that could.


After any digital product or service is developed, it becomes an essential part of a client's business. It is vital that it can be efficiently maintained and problems quickly resolved. Our maintenance and support offering is tailored for your needs.


Ongoing relationship product enhancement and future… The launch of a digital product is not the end, it is the beginning of a new story. That story needs nurturing to promote growth and expansion.

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Why We Do It


Worldwide increase in mobile web 2010 - 2012


Mobile usage is expected to match desktop in 2018


Smartphone Penetration is now at 51%. Increase from 30% last year.


Mobile consumption is dominated by app usage on iOS and Android.


Enterprise tablet market is expanding at 50% per annum. We expect this to increase radically.


By 2015 app development projects are expected to outnumber desktop by a ratio of 4 to 1.

We established our reputation by producing work that is web-savvy, design­-driven and software engineered. We approach discovery, strategy, UX, development and back-end systems as if they were science.